Despite the seductive appeal of its vision, Islamist politics is anti-politics, a search for a changeless world and a sinless humanity, a utopian longing that renders the pursuit of all politics and all dialogue with history superfluous.

In a moment of despair, Dick Howard regrets the inability of modern theory to provide a cogent account of, what he perceives as, the ‘world (dis)order that began with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989’, and wonders whether ‘this incapability (is) a sign of the impotence of Western political thought’.

Tom Holland, In the Shadow of the Sword: The Battle for the Global Empire and the End of the Ancient World, London: Atlantic Books, 2012. ‘History’, roars Tom Holland in a moment of cognitive elation, ‘is not built upon sand’. To this we may add: ‘No, not on sand but upon quicksand!’ For, the deeper… Read more »

Is Islam an imperial idea, forever beholden to the perpetuation of a historical order to which ‘conquering the world’ is intrinsic?

In the pursuit of a more viable future, Turkey has chosen to follow the modern path, but in her quest for a more authentic political existence she has also decided to adopt a secular constitution and a democratic way of life. A paradox or a contradiction in terms?