Creativity and innovative thought have been essential tools for the flourishing of human culture and civilisation. But originality, imagination and pioneering cultural products require serious effort and hard work. So why not simply copy others or just buy the signs of sophistication.

In approaching the possibilities of artificial intelligence, we must first ask: how is it born, and how does it grow up? Then, what purpose(s) might it serve?

One-hit wonders are disappointing occurrences. A new artist breaks onto the scene with a fresh and innovative sound. Much excitement abounds as they capture the zeitgeist for all of five seconds, only to flounder at any attempt to replicate success.

You might be thinking it’s time to visit ‘Africa’, the place of wonder. But before you set out on your journey, here’s a handy guide.

Ten emerging issues that will play a large role in the tomorrow of Muslims around the world.

Do you remember when we did the things we were supposed to do? The things that brought us all respect, status, money and a good quality husband or wife?

We present, in no particular order, our list of ten mighty makeovers – the good, the bad, and the ones the jury’s still out on.