Capital has many meanings. But what do these meanings mean? The following definitions of capital are adapted from the Google English Dictionary definition compiled by Oxford Languages.

Transitions. The word conjures images of changes that are or are hoped to be smooth and orderly –childhood to maturity, day to night and night to day, the four seasons.

In no particular order, here are some of the quotes from the more recent past that have caught our imagination. 

Ten contradictions associated with what we commonly think of as liberalism – in no particular order. We’ve applied analysis, speculation and eye-rolling in liberal doses. 

Our bodies undergo a tremendous amount of change throughout our life. Music heard in adulthood is never quite as good as that discovered in youth and food never matches the love and comfort of a parent or grandparent’s particular method for combining the ingredients of your favourite dish.

Creativity and innovative thought have been essential tools for the flourishing of human culture and civilisation. But originality, imagination and pioneering cultural products require serious effort and hard work. So why not simply copy others or just buy the signs of sophistication.

In approaching the possibilities of artificial intelligence, we must first ask: how is it born, and how does it grow up? Then, what purpose(s) might it serve?