Let me tell you of a day when the earth stood still,
The birds stopped mid-flight and the sun felt a chill,
The planets daren’t revolve, winds made tranquil,
The oceans even rose as her eyes did fill.

A day of human suffering of the likes unseen,
Aftermath that will remain, till the day of reckoning,
Innocent souls slain with the force of hurricane,
And a truth made sick by no want of questioning.

Now once upon a time ain’t how this story goes
And the land of which we talk ain’t as far as we’re told
It’s a recent event, not a story of old
Thirty years of injustice, still a case not closed.

Terrorists in our midst, hypothesis put to.
An act of evil somebody’s, ain’t too far from the truth.
But the villain we’re dealin’ with ain’t Arab or Pashtun,
Ain’t no bombs involved or towers times two.

See the terrors corporate so the motives quite clear
Ain’t no honour involved, just a hungry profiteer
Let me cut to the chase and tell you all quite straight
Bhopal is the theme and we ain’t leavin’ till you hear.

On the third of December, nineteen eighty-four
Midnight struck the clock announcing death at the door
And like a thief in the night,
With indiscriminate sight,
A beast was unleashed from the white-mans’ venture.
Now race ain’t an issue so relax now your head
I ain’t here to cause trouble, be intolerance lead
But the picture that I paint’s from a next viewpoint,
Thousands of Indians maimed and the thousands dead.

So the phrase that I use, is to benefit you.
From the victims’ standpoint is how we’ll see this issue.
Lets recourse back from my sensitive trip
And deal with the matter which I set out to do.

A chemical factory’s where the scene was set,
Union Carbide’s how the placards were read.
A leak they could prevent
Safety measure’s under spent,
Caused a poison cloud to be shot out and spread.

People dying still today,
And tomorrow, but anyway,
If the D-word’s too much for you to even hear,
And you’d rather I chat about Santa and reindeer,
Then I hate to offend those sensitive ears
But you all can walk away, or confront your inner fears.

What I’m saying is all true
It’s what money can do
But I can’t just blame the green
Those people had a part too.

Those suits and those ties
And those smiles so wry
They’re the cause of this cry
Yet you try to deny
That we breed terrorists in a deceitful guise,
Dignified handshakes with a fistful of lies.

So please let me know as it defies my belief,
How the value of a people seems dependent on their creed.
Yes genocide seems a worthy price to pay,
For a lot o’ bit o’ profit
And a westerners’ delay.

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