Nothing in the realm of the sensorium is simple. To start with, it seems that an account of a body’s life will be more comprehensible, less ambiguous, than a mental biography.

If shame as an emotion transcends the physical body, body politics invite us to consider which bodies are unthinkingly included or excluded in what we might regard as the polity.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus from 1992, famed for selling 15 million, and Allan and Barbara Pease’s Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps from 2001, which only sold 4 million copies but was translated into thirty-three languages. 

While I never asked to be Malay, I still grew up trying to pass as Malay. I tried, for instance, to perfect my spoken Malay – formal and patois. As the youngest in my family, my siblings thought I was the one who ‘passed’ most convincingly.

With the worst of the pandemic year’s lockdowns seemingly coming to an end in India, the first day of summer was a rather run of the mill typical day.

he title glows in stylised fuchsia, purple, and white lettering on a black background. A synth melody enters over constantly shifting chords and a programmed hi-hat.

ike many organised world religions, Islam remains caught in a conundrum of extreme interpretations, by both Muslims and non-Muslims, men and women (but mostly men).