The word ‘pluralism’ is used very frequently and very freely these days as a characterisation of the kind of society we live in; but like many words used freely and frequently the more you look at it the less clear it becomes.

How can a large community of believers still stick to its religion or tradition despite the harsh view that a large part of the dominant world forms about it? How can it preserve its tradition and still aspire for a better future?

Khidr Collective launched its first zine in Summer 2017. The concept began life as an intuitive response to a tangible sense of powerlessness among Muslims.

The idea of a new generation of Muslims, leading from the front and changing the world, may feel surprising in the midst of current negative representations of the Global Muslim experience

Compassion is one of the essential tenets of Islam, a pillar upon which so much else rests. In spite of its centrality, however, it does not form a significant part of education and upbringing (tarbiyah) for many young Muslims.

A day does not go by without us hearing our politicians and political commentators talk about ‘values’ and how we as citizens must adopt ‘British values’. I know what my values are as a human and a woman, a woman of faith, a Muslim.