A little boy whips cattle before a sun that sinks into the city below Murat camping site which lies at the foot of a palace reached by a rocky hill. All evening members of our group have been stumbling up the rocky hill to try and reach the palace.

On 9 January 2012, the Kuala Lumpur High Court acquitted and discharged Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian federal opposition leader and former deputy premier, on charges of sodomising his former political aide. This was the second time Anwar had been tried for homosexual sodomy, and the second time he had been acquitted. Back in 1999 the… Read more »

Recently I took a Muslim friend to study the buffet of print laid into the Liberty University bookstore. The university and its bookstore sit on Liberty Mountain in Lynchburg, Virginia, where an SUV trimmed with stickers reading ‘Not I, but Christ’ and ‘Socialism isn’t cool’ abridges the local temper.

What is characterised as Hindu fundamentalism is in fact the everyday ordinariness of a religion such as Islam, and ‘even the slightest spiritual movement among the Hindus is immediately branded by the minority communities as Hindu-chauvinism, Hindu backlash or fundamentalism.’