Allen Ginsberg’s Howl underscored the disenfranchisement of a group of avant-garde white urban Americans of late 1940’s post war United States, a group that became known as the Beat Generation.

In late 2018, the Hindu nationalist government of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) renamed Allahabad, the state’s judicial capital, Prayagraj.

If God were to send a Prophet today, would he be active on social media? The question is not as glib as it sounds. Mobile technology has irreversibly changed how we experience the world. Facebook and Twitter dominate our lives to an extent that it is hard for many to live without them. In an… Read more »

A bearded man dressed in the black taqiyah and white thawb of a devout Muslim addresses the camera. He stands before the fragment of a large Assyrian sculpture known as a lamassu – a protective deity that combines a bull’s body, an eagle’s wings, and a human head.

What comes to mind when the history of Islam in Europe is evoked? One thinks of the mezquita in Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada. Or Sicily under Arab and Norman rule. And the long Ottoman presence in the Balkans and of the beauty of Bosnia and Albania.

Senegal’s late poet-president, Léopold Sédar Senghor, first proposed the establishment of a Museum of Black Civilisations over fifty years ago. It wasn’t until 2018 that his dream came to posthumous fruition.

On a fateful day in October 78 CE, Mount Vesuvius woke up from its 500-year long dormant sleep and began to spew thousands of tons of molten ash into the air above the Bay of Naples sealing down the fate of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplantis and villages around the Sarna River.