The first issue of Critical Muslim was published in January 2012, in the heydays of the ‘Arab Spring’. Anti-government protests and rebellions, starting from Tunisia, had spread across the Middle East.

Malay history is full of mythological characters, with historical fact shrouded in fable and legends. But none is more mysterious and controversial than Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir.

Khadra was born in the Sahara to a deeply religious Bedouin tribe which ‘revered both poetry and piety.’ He loved to write in childhood – small stories, poems.

There is a parallel between Timothy Brennan’s biography of Edward Said and Said’s most famous book. Like Orientalism in 1978, Places of Mind appears at a time when colonialism and race have once again become subjects of public debate in North America and Western Europe.

Khan effectively deconstructs five toxic ‘myths’ of Islam: Muslims don’t integrate; Islam is violent; Muslim men are threatening; Islam hates women; and Islam is homophobic.