In death we transition to an unknown dimension. Perhaps an afterlife, perhaps reincarnation, perhaps the void of nothingness, depending on our ideological and spiritual convictions. But in life too, we are in continual transition.

The international Muslim community is diverse, comprising many sects and outlooks. The increasing diversity sometimes leads to isolation; thus, there is a strong desire for unity in the ummah.

My mother’s father was a Pakistani immigrant who came to Hartlepool some time in the late forties or early fifties, and for most of my upbringing I had been warned not to let anyone know because if they find out they will think about me differently.

My mother came to an alien London in 1972 when she married my father who was already here. They didn’t have any relatives in the UK, and I remember my mother saying she would approach women in the street wearing shalwar kameez, and befriend them. Before long, we had our own Pakistani network in London.