The haves the have nots
The haves but will not
The woulds but could not
The coulds but would not

The haves but think not
The thinks but ask not
The asks but know not
The knows but care not

The tongue that speaks lots
But voice that’s heard not
The voice that’s heard lots
But speech that tells not

Apparent stand-offs
Between us and rest of
The world that thinks not
In terms that suit us
So the lies we spread lots

Of foreign despots
That wish to kill us
So must be killed off
The heads that bow not

The hands that shake not
When holding sling-shots
When facing gun-shots
The view that’s changed not

From colonial plots
Civilising dark flocks
To get what they’ve got
The books that teach not

Each phrase a new knot
Claim cultures move not
And stand as fixed blocks
And the books that flow past

Borders and won’t stop
Make ours who once were
People we knew not
A choice we’ve all got

Be held or hold off
Embrace what’s known not
Knowing we know not
Or claim we share not

And so we grow not
What’s different trust not
And let it be not
The haves the have nots

The haves but will not
The ones that call shots
The ones that get shot
That is the only clash of civilisations

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