The world that we talk about is always our world, it is always my world. That’s the only world that we can perceive and that we know to at least some extent. We start with ourselves and from there we gain cognisance of what surrounds us, while never at any point being able to fully escape the prison of our own subjectivity.

I am all too conscious of that fact and it is for this reason alone that I often like to engage in an exercise that others may deem a little narcissistic. I always like to start with telling something about myself before I talk about a specific topic at hand. It is, after all, only this ‘myself’ that would make it intelligible to my listener or reader why I see things in a certain light and why my judgement of the world around me is the way it is.

Before I talk to you about politics in Germany, let me first tell you when, where and how I gained cognisance of politics in Germany.

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