Study my game
I flow like blood in your veins
I’m puddles and rain
Thudding your pane
A deluge flooding the plains
I’m a lake underground
Grey cumulus clouds
Coming down
Accompanied by thunderous sounds
I’m jumping around fountains
Fires I’m dousing
When my high tide’s rising
Guys are hiding on mountains
The vortex
Who’s caught next inside of my down spin?
Down since prior to year nine hundred thousand
Peruse my movements
They’re lunar influenced
I’m used for ablutions
My hue is translucent
Remove the pollutants
So my currents are clean
For mullet and bream
From the Gulf to my streams
My Gulf Stream engulfs steamboats
Hull to the beam
My colour schemes make waves
With multiple themes
I’m ultramarine
Green and sapphire bright blue
Moon light in my pools
A shining white jewel quite cool
Minus two degrees
An ice cube you see right through
Tsunamis and Typhoons strike soon
Life’s cruel
Hand in hand with earthlings
We were working in tandem
Now they’re worshipping mammon
Disturbing my balance
I’m hurt and abandoned
Lands deserted and barren
So scavenge and search
To quench your thirst with my gallons
Galleons gallop with a burst from their cannons
My surface is slalomed
By surfers and salmon
I’m Zam Zam
I grand slam sand banks
Cali to Cuba
Nuclear subs in my stomach
Spine carrying cruisers
Crude oil spoils barracuda
Halibut neutered
What’s The Great Barrier’s future?
Belize and Bermuda?
Pirates of the Caribbean:
Gangsters on waves
Like Francis Drake
Slave vessels anchored in bays
Ankles in chains
Captives anxious in pain
A vicious cycle entitled
The Triangular Trade
And we’re still angry today
Demanding they pay reparations
But I doubt execs will pay them
You’re The Big Boss?
I’m the Bosphorus
Coughing up octopus out of my oesophagus!

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