A #RealTrouper is anyone whose life is a revealing story of a thirst for success, a responsibility to provide for a family, an ambition to make a change from what seems destined because of the ‘accident of birth’. They are at crucial moments in their lives, trying to enact some kind of change, and being hopeful while chasing their dreams and fulfilling their expectations. They go through experiences that we can all relate to in some way or form and are universally shared. Every city has its RealTroupers.

The United Arab Emirates has expats from all over the world – living in segregation, within their gated communities and well as their own social systems and traditional cocoons. It is an ideal place to challenge prejudices and phobias, isolation and alienation, and the existing definitions of cultures and labels used in societies.

The purpose of #RealTrouper is to draw inspiration from different communities and showcase shared aspirations and emotions that unite us all.

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