Beyond the evergreen
The settler is mean
The olive tree glimpsed
The oblivious coming
Carrying a tank of petrol
And an M-16 hanging from his shoulder

The branches started waving hurriedly
Then the olives joined in, screaming
Like a chorus in a symphony
Call our owners. Call our owners
But no one comes
Wonder why?

Is it because the soldiers are busy
Sniping the farmers in the harvest
The tree started yelling at the man.
Get out of my existence
Every time you come, I know I’m gone
Stop killing my babies
Stop suffocating my insides
Stop your savageness.

Emmett Till lynched in 1955
Way down America south
Ali on Grill, the settler taunted
Burned in Duma, West Bank, Palestine, in 2015
Mississippi still.

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