After Greta Thunberg

God’s own property, some call it,

for others it was built by Allah, Jah, or Rainbow Serpent;

yet most agree it’s priceless and that for sheer scale 

and beauty it surpasses any maharajah’s palace,

its treasures infinitely more splendid 

than we could ever fashion.

And this house is ancient –

4.5 billion years by some calculations;

it should be listed 

top for conservation due to its uniqueness.

Nowhere else we know of in the Cosmos –

this living, breathing home 

extending hospitality to every guest who comes 

from spore, seed, egg or womb.

Fire! Fire! the girl cries at the gates of the law-makers,

as she finds its blue and white ceiling 

is rapidly overheating.

Who heeds the young?

Having made themselves too comfortable

some men pretend not to hear.

Other people claim: It’s Divine will! 

We should all pray for salvation.

Yet others wear that tattered coat of fantasy

in which they seek disguise:  

If it gets too bad in here, we’ll leave this old house!  

But where can they go?

This is our home and there are flames consuming its rafters.

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