A bank of seventeen small video screens mounted on pegs grow out of the gallery wall like mushroom spores. Each screen projects a talking head: man, woman, young, old, black, brown, white, all musing on the future. Their future, their family’s future, their nation’s future, the future of the planet, my future, your future, our future.

The kaleidoscopic installation is named Conversation Piece and is made from 300 interviews conducted at the turn of the millennium across five continents, by futurist Dr Maya Van Leemput and photographer Bram Goots, who work together under their organisation Agence Future. Each participant, turned into a talking head, was asked about their ideas, images and feelings about personal, local and global futures. Some are very academic and erudite, some are passionate, some reflective.

A Temporary Futures Institute. Museum of Contemporary Art (M HKA), Antwerp, Belgium. Curated by Anders Kreugar and Maya Van Leemput. 28 April – 11 September 2017

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