I understand why you slammed the door shut in my face. This sort of stuff is hard to process for anyone, let alone seeing someone that looks like your twin brother. You must be sitting there in your room trying to understand what is going on. I must admit that I too was quite shocked to find you there in my flat, but I have also figured out how all of this has come about even if you haven’t, especially as you are still new to this world. So I wrote this account from A to Z for you to take in all of this in your own time and then perhaps we can figure out how to proceed. Please excuse this lengthy account but I feel it is important for both of us to understand what has passed.

 I was quite taken aback when I received a direct message on Facebook from a friend I had never met before, never had coffee with, or whose voice I had never heard. I accepted his ‘friend’ request and we became friends. We never talked of course, but we were friends. He would like my stuff and send me emojis whenever I posted something and I would in turn reciprocate even though I didn’t like his posts. But this time, Danny, for that was his avatar, wrote: ‘Wow, this is amazing! You are having a relaunch?’

Me: Relaunch? Relaunch of what?

I sent him an emoji. He sent back a LOL. I sent back a GIF. He responded with a meme and once this cycle of formality was complete, he sent me the link with a simple ‘TC’ and I didn’t bother responding. He took no offence to such online behaviour.

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