Once upon a time there was a quiet little mosque in the middle of a business park. The mosque occupied the ground floor of an office building, and the other three floors were devoted to an import-export business. The mosque was a busy place on Fridays, when Muslims from the west side of town would gather, but other than that, it was fairly quiet.

One day, a sorcerer was in the business park. He had come to find the UPS building because he needed to pick up his package. The delivery man had refused to leave it on his front porch, so now the sorcerer was forced to get the parcel from the main delivery hub. The sorcerer resented having to come all the way across town and queue for a full fifteen minutes to retrieve his parcel. Then, when he was leaving the business park, he was met by the mini traffic jam created by the Muslims trying to get to their Friday prayer. He became downright incensed. As he watched yet another person make an illegal left turn in front on him, he realised the time was ripe for him to play a trick. His best spells were cast when he was in a foul mood. Instead of going home, he parked his black Audi along the road and stomped towards the mosque.

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