A Boy Has No Face

You had a crisis with your body last night 

it seemed as though your body was going to fail you 

a battle between your body & soul 

your body needed the soul out 

your soul gave a fiery battle— 

you were simply there observing 

it was beyond you 

you simply lay there & moaned

not in pleasure but in torment 

you needed the torment to end abruptly—

you murmured God 

you called mommy 

it was still just you 

eyes turning 

legs trembling— 

you watched your body 

& soul’s intercourse

it was simply you 

in a total loss of your body —

you watched them as they turned 

tossed & kissed one another 

you were simply there powerless 

& watched your soul battle for its place in your body 

it was a crisis— 

you still wanted to call God & mommy

this time your tongue failed you— 

you gnashed your teeth 

the words burned in your throat 

they inched to be spoken 

you couldn’t simply say them till you dropped 

an unknown object—that was what you were

an object with neither a body nor soul—

you woke up the following day 

with a smile on your face

“i made it,” you said 

it was only a crisis 

a dream that has no importance. 

Of Wanders & Wonders

This night, like every other night 

accompanies a memory 

the one he needs to be appreciative for 

yet find its way to swallow him in its murkiness— 

the one he was rarely enough 

the one which makes the boy long for the last second— 

the one that makes the boy ask for what he has done again 

as you approach him with dark eyes— 

dark like a pot that’s kissed the stove, 

you make him eat from the

dark like the goat you say is superior to him— 


each breath is a challenge for him

i bet you didn’t see it

how the boy waits for the awful stuff to happen—

like God hangs tight for the servant he adores 

how the boy turns into a robot customized to just say i’m sorry— 

as though he had a choice  

it was the boy’s passcode 

before the boy got past & at last, escape 

& the boy’s caterpillar morphed into a butterfly.

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