The Latest: 25.3 | Values

Jeremy Henzell-Thomas measures the circumference of the Umma; Christopher de Bellaigue charts modern Muslims’ struggles with faith and reason; Esra Mirze Santesso has an encounter with Kamala Khan the American-Pakistan superhero; C Scott Jordan is disturbed by the rise of artificial intelligence; Samia Rahman comes to terms with traditional values; Alasdair Donaldson weighs diplomatic baggage; and Sheba Saeed meets the beggars of Lahore.

How do we navigate these turbulent postnormal times of contradictions, complexity and chaos, of uncertainty and ignorance? What values do we need to pilot our way to a sane and humane new paradigm? 

The introduction of Kamala Khan, a sixteen-year old, Pakistani-American superhero, as the first female-Muslim headliner captivated the comics world.

I remember the incredulity and fascination of my siblings and I as we would listen to our parents tell us this story of how their marriage was arranged and beg them to repeat it over and over.

Begging in Pakistan is seen as a criminal activity. But what would force someone to beg in the first place?