The Latest: 41.3 | Bodies

Samia Rahman argues that honour and shame should not be written on the female body, Naomi Foyle comes to terms with her autism, James Brooks watches the body-challenging films of Harmony Korine, Elhum Shakerifar is impressed by a new publishing venture ‘run by and for people of colour’, poems by Muhammed Bello, and Shamim Miah is chased by Zoombies.

Has the Covid-19 pandemic radically altered your view of employment? Did the rapid shift from in-office to virtual work lead you to re-assess your life and future?

Black hair is a language with many dialects. It is diverse in texture, curl patterns and styling, and speaks of ethnic markers, social standing, histories, joys, and complexities. But it is also a language that can be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Sometimes we, who own it, struggle to understand it.

he title glows in stylised fuchsia, purple, and white lettering on a black background. A synth melody enters over constantly shifting chords and a programmed hi-hat.

If shame as an emotion transcends the physical body, body politics invite us to consider which bodies are unthinkingly included or excluded in what we might regard as the polity.