The Latest: 33.2 | Relics

Boyd Tonkin meanders through Sicily; Andrew Petersen explores what lies beneath ancient Muslim graves; Nur Sobers-Khan puzzles through manuscripts; Aaftaab Haider makes footprints across Europe; Alev Adil uses relics to explore memory and identity; C Scott Jordan is unimpressed by emerging tomes on eugenics; inhabitants of adjacent neighbourhoods in Tunis tell their stories to Iason Athanasiadis and Dalia De Gondi; and our list of ten rather surprising Muslim relics.

A truly heart-breaking display of the tragedy of the commons plays out on the centralised table displays of your local book shops and across the entirety of airport bookstores.

There are three keys events in a person’s life when their otherwise invisible practise of religion suddenly becomes visible.

I am one of those people you have heard a lot about in recent years. Those who came to Europe in the middle of the ‘migrant crisis’. Or so I have been told.