The Latest: 29.3 | Futures

Jordi Serra del Pino chops his career as a futurist into five neat scenes; Richard Appignanesi exposes seven deadly virtues of postnormal times, or (as he calls it) ‘postculture’; Andrew Burke claims that ‘decolonial scientia’ should inform our future understanding of race and identity; Harris Irfan is convinced cryptocurrencies are the future of Islamic economy; Mothiur Rahman marches with the Extinction Rebellion; Misha Monaghan is unconvinced the future belongs to one Muslim woman; a scenario-based short story by Umar Shiraz; and Samia Rahman contemplates sex with a robot!

Growing up, I was taught that Islam was a faith that championed the rights of women and that the Prophet Mohammed was kind and benevolent to my gender.

‘Are you doing ok, do you need anything?’ I asked the lady whose hand was glued to the entrance of the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. ‘I’m doing fine,’ she replied with a smile. Someone below her, locked on to another person and lying on the ground to block the revolving door entrance,… Read more »

The early pioneers of the modern Islamic banking industry had noble ideals in mind but the industry can’t see beyond its conventional mindset. Now we have an opportunity to retake the initiative.

Do not trust anyone who speaks of culture without first defining it. Pronouncements on culture seldom if ever survive the test of this golden rule.

After all these years tangoing with the future, I get to see it under a totally different light. And this also means that I get another chance to start anew, to begin a new journey.