The Latest: 35.3 | Muslim Atlantic

Amandla Thomas-Johnson returns to his ancestral homeland in Senegal; Tahir Abbas wrestles with terrorism; Abdul-Rahman Malik sees the Muslim Atlantic as a cultural eco-system; Tanya Muneera-Williams witnesses the history of slavery in her native Bristol; Samia Rahman is enchanted by the narratives of great Muslim women; Hassan Mahamdallie is distressed by inequalities highlighted in the spread of Covid-19; an extract from Reginald Edmund and Ronnie Malley’s new play ‘American Griot’; and poems by Mosad Abu Toha.

Tahir Abbas reflects on the realities of terrorism by exploring recent events in relation to both Islamist and far-right terrorism.

We can’t conjure, or think, or muse, the idea of a Muslim Atlantic without considering the work of Paul Gilroy and his theorisation of the Black Atlantic.