From being the Olympics of the art world, the Venice Biennale has now become a ‘Game of Thrones’, where powerful countries, institutions, backers, curators and artists are seriously challenged by hitherto marginalised others whose strategies, activism and events grow in influence and relevance.

Fibs projected as true stories. That is what populism is all about. Like all stories it has elements of truth. And like all stories it is fiction in the true sense of the word, involving falsehood, lies, misrepresentation, untruth.

Populism is a word that has re-entered our vocabulary with a vengeance. For me, the concept came alive during Narendra Modi’s inaugural visit to London as the Prime Minister of India.

A new distinct shadow is emerging within contemporary American film. This new other does not have a proper face so it cannot be furnished with appropriate make up, accent and other character tropes.