A person becomes reduced to an aesthetic in today’s social media age as the inverted gaze becomes a medium ripe for self-objectification

If ever there was a slippery concept, it’s inner beauty. What is it? How is it manifested? Is it inherent or can it be cultivated? If so, how?

Seven days following his surgery, Parsa was preparing to remove his nose bandages. He had undergone a nose job, following his mother, sister, two aunts and his cousins, thereby continuing the family tradition of cosmetic surgery.

Historians can only be admired for the alchemy required in blending together fragments, ellipses, and lacunae into a narrative that expresses a reality of the past in the context of the present.

We present, in no particular order, our list of ten mighty makeovers – the good, the bad, and the ones the jury’s still out on. 

During my early adult life, I had read every biography of the Prophet that I could get my hands on. I’d read the Seerah of Ibn Hisham, and the History of Al Tabari, several biographies written in English, and listened to so many conversations and heard so many stories about our beloved Prophet.