Meena Kumari is somewhat of a patron saint of the broken-hearted. And I do actually often invoke her, like an actual patron saint.

God in the Qur’an is the final volume in a series of three books by Jack Miles about God in the three major Semitic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – commonly described as monotheist, whose followers make up more than half the world’s population.

One-hit wonders are disappointing occurrences. A new artist breaks onto the scene with a fresh and innovative sound. Much excitement abounds as they capture the zeitgeist for all of five seconds, only to flounder at any attempt to replicate success.

It is not a solely universal emotional response that music elicits. Academics researching cognitive psychology recently discovered the way in which listening to music you love, impacts the brain.

We can’t choose where and when we are born and grow up, or how we spend those teenage years where we are told everything should be possible, but rarely turns out to be so.

I discovered Hindi film songs as a teenager during the early 1980s when Channel 4 began screening a Bollywood season; a film a week around 2am on a Friday or a Saturday night.