Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus from 1992, famed for selling 15 million, and Allan and Barbara Pease’s Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps from 2001, which only sold 4 million copies but was translated into thirty-three languages. 

ike many organised world religions, Islam remains caught in a conundrum of extreme interpretations, by both Muslims and non-Muslims, men and women (but mostly men).

Once there was and once there wasn’t, when the flea was a porter and the camel a barber, when I was rocking my father’s cradle, ‘tingir mingir’. 

In Leyla Jagiella’s Among the Eunuchs: A Muslim Transgender Journey, we meet a plethora of hijras.

Our bodies undergo a tremendous amount of change throughout our life. Music heard in adulthood is never quite as good as that discovered in youth and food never matches the love and comfort of a parent or grandparent’s particular method for combining the ingredients of your favourite dish.