A spectre is haunting Muslims—the spectre of fatwas. All the powers of old Islam have entered into a holy alliance: to issue more and more fatwas, each as ridiculous as the other, and thus drown the Islamic earth in a pestiferous flood of fatwas.

In the pursuit of a more viable future, Turkey has chosen to follow the modern path, but in her quest for a more authentic political existence she has also decided to adopt a secular constitution and a democratic way of life. A paradox or a contradiction in terms?

The revolutions of the Arab Spring gave a new lease of life to an enormously popular poem by Palestinian-Israeli poet and activist Tawfiq Zayyad.

One of the most gripping and revealing episodes of the popular Egyptian revolution that erupted on 25 January, 2011 was a scene in which a disoriented leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood explained to Al Jazeera news channel why he happened to be talking from a borrowed mobile phone outside a prison in the middle of the desert.